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  • Will the historical data continue to be available? ​

    The JSE will decide on a case by case basis which historical data will continue to be made available on the website. It is best that you contact the JSE and explain which historical data is of interest so that the JSE can provide guidance.
  • How will I know whether I can continue to use the new reports?​

    The future replacement reports/files are intended for general public viewing only. The JSE will make a wider range of market data available for more professional uses via market data products delivered in a different manner that is more suited for automated processing. It is best that you contact the JSE and explain the purpose/use for the accessing the report/file for the JSE to provide guidance.
  • Are all the reports/files for the 2 scoped markets changing?

    Some reports/files will be discontinued while others will continue to be provided but in a different form and potentially at different times. Refer to the Web Report Change Impact section on the website for more detailed information.
  • Why are only the reports for Equity Derivatives and Currency Derivatives changing – what about the other markets?​

    The ITaC project is a multi-year project with the migration of the Equity Derivatives and Currency Derivatives being the first markets. The other relevant markets will be migrated at a later point. 
  • What is ITAC?​

    “ITaC” is the abbreviation used for the JSE’s Integrated Trading and Clearing initiative. The ITaC project is a multi‐year programme of work focused on the introduction of an integrated solution for the JSE’s trading and clearing services. If you would like to know more about ITaC, refer to the ITaC section under Products and Services.