Investing and saving whilst you are young Posted by: FirstStep.meBy Editor Life as a young buck isn't as easy as it should be, between studying or receiving your low paying grad salary, the basic fundamentals still need to be met. From buying cool gear to finding the cash to pay for tickets to a local rock concert, things in the early part of adulthood tends to be a lot more expensive than we plan for. However these days the simple concept of spending less and saving more tends to make a lot of sense. Sometimes being astute with cash in your early years can mean a secure financial future that also leads to having the funds to pay for various investments.We searched online for ten solutions that can help young students or grads conquer the uphill battle that is securing your money! From the outlandish of only drinking water and renting textbooks to the ever smart concept of investing in the stock market, these can seem a bit off beat but who knows maybe it will give you a cool insight into getting those Green Day tickets you have been itching to buy!Contin​ue reading at: