Corporate Secretary Training

  • Why you should attend

  • Alcad and the JSE invite you to join us in our upcoming Information Sessions where you can network with fellow professionals and industry experts, gain practical knowledge and discover innovative solutions to challenges in your field.  You will find valuable insights, share effective ideas and validate best practices which will benefit your position in your organization and will learn processes you can implement right away.  Our events focus on interactive meetings where an experienced knowledgeable speaker updates attendees with recent developments in fields of relevance to company secretaries and provides a platform for discussions in that subject.  Take away proven strategies based on successful case studies. 
  • Who should attend?

  • ​​​Secretaries


    Topic Outlines

  • ·  The Companies Tribunal - how they work with all stakeholders in a company to rectify    disputes, with a special emphasis on Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR");
  • ·  Refresher course on contracts - all types of contracts which company secretaries are   expected to manage;
  • ·  How the company secretary can add value to their companies;
  • ·  Interesting case studies, local and international, on governance issues in the workplace.
    ·  Board and statutory committees revisited
    ·  The company secretary and investor relations
    ·  Project management tools;
    ·  Statutory audits
    ·  Case law which impacts on directors actions

  • Dates: TBA
  • Cost: R2 150.00 per delegate excl VAT

Venue: JSE,  One Exchange Square, Gwen Lane, Sandown

The course delivery is subject to a minimum attendance. All attendees will receive a course certificate on completion and CPD points.

All sessions will be held at the JSE Office, Refreshments will be provided. 

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