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​Effective Investor Relations is vital to the growth of your company as it enables on point communication between your business, stakeholders and the financial community. At the JSE, we understand that you may not have the facilities and resources available to engate with stakeholders and attract investment. We are equipped to support the growth of your company by offering the following services.

Investor Relations Training

Strategic training to help you grow your company.
  • Insights and Collateral Development
    Our consultants conduct a workshop with your company spokesperson in which we look at the industry landscape, current issues and potential difficult topics, and develop answers to questions using key messages.  The JSE team also provides you with a comprehensive briefing document that includes media details, a preparatory Q&A and interview tips through which you can navigate the media effectively.

  • Media Release Writing       
  • Our skilled Media team assists in the writing and editing of media releases through the following media course content.

    • Writing effective media releases
    • ·  Converting SENS announcements into media releases
    • ·  Understanding newsworthiness
    • ·  Writing effective releases for business media and media coverage

    • Formula for constructing a media release
    • ·  Formulating an introduction that contains new information or hard news
    • ·  Newsworthy angles or interesting facts
    • ·  Supporting or background information
    • ·  Drafting punchy quotations for media adoption
    • ·  Facts or lesser importance

    •  Writing effective media releases
    • ·  Developing a media release
    • ·  Developing a media list
    • ·  Distribution of a media release and three key media introductions

    Our event specialists can assist you in targeting and organizing roadshows, which are a series of meetings with investors, media and analysts for you to raise the profile of your company and communicate with the investment opportunity

    Our offering includes:

  • ·  Invitation drafting, distribution and call round
  • ·  Follow-up calls
  • ·  Advice on content of presentation for roadshow
  • ·  Attendance at all meetings
    ·  Follow up call with attendees
    ·  Venue hire ( Which is available from the JSE) Venue Hire
    ·  Feedback reporting including sentiment measurement and recommendations

      • Videography  
        • Increase your company profile and make it easily digestible for investors through the use of corporate videos. The JSE offers the following to support your company's visual representation and experience.
        • Videography
          • ·  Filming and comprehensive editing of a corporate video

          • Value added products for results presentations

                      • SENS Announcement for Results Presentations
                          • ·  Overview of your financial results and SENS announcement for distribution to media houses

                          • Results presentation videos
                          • ·  Film your results presentation for distribution to investors and analysts and for display on your website
                          • ·  SENS announcements and financial results overview video are included in this package

                        • Results presentation videos - full length
                          • ·  Film your results presentation for distribution to investors and analysts and for display on your website
                          • ·  SENS announcements and financial results overview video, together with the full length video are included in this package.

                            • Analysts Reports 
                              • Catch the attention of retail investors and boost liquidity with our analyst reports.  Increased analyst coverage typically causes investors to believe that more superior information will be priced into a stock's prospects and value and it adds the most value during volatile economic periods or 'bad times'.

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