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JSE She Invests

  • We have wrapped up 2019 #JSESheInvests, thank you to all of our sponsors and partners for the day and a huge thank you to everyone who came through to enjoy the day with us. We hope it was the first step to investing in yourself and other women. Let’s continue to invest in each other. 

  • We captured some amazing pictures on the day, please find yours in the link below and don’t forget to tag us at #JSESheInvests.  

Leaderex 2019


Catch us at #Leaderex2019 on the 3rd and 4th of September to further engage on how to invest on the JSE.


Learning Portal

  • •             Online Learning Modules - an online learning platform that offers various
  •                 learning modules that teach you more about investing.
  • •             JSE Investment Simulator  - a simulated trading platform, that aims to teach you
  •                about trading and investing on the JSE.
  • •             JSE Investment Challenge University Level - a simulated trading platform for 
  •                university students.
  • •             JSE Investment Challenge School Level - a simulated trading platform for
  •                 learners.
  • •             JSE Training Academy - Other courses available through the JSE.




  • •          Power Hour Sessions - monthly sessions catering to advanced investors, covering a 
  •             new investment topic every month. Also available via live webcast. Click here and
  •             subscribe to be part of the power hour database.
  • •          Click here to find a retail broker

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