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​​​​​​​​​​​​Venue Recommendations

We host company results presentations at the JSE ​- well located in the Sandton financial CBD. The media hub saves our CEO running around to various media houses. At the JSE, they are a room away from each other.

All technical facilities were already there - other venues would require external service providers to bring in everything. At JSE we had some cost saving in this regard. Parking was also convenient and easily accessible. We are very impressed and happy to find once place that does it all under one roof. Eliminates the logistics and eases our hectic schedule.

Impala Platinum Holdings Limited

The arrangements ran smoothly and the staff were all most helpful.

Transaction Capital Limited

As a venue the JSE more than met all our expectations.

The events team was accommodating and forward thinking, always suggesting ways to make the event more memorable. It was fantastic service through and through. They informed us about the Kudu horn and market opening ceremony, it was a unique experience and this feature makes the JSE a very special venue to host events. The team understood the brief and delivered a stellar experience that is unique and cannot be replicated by other venues.

The Communications Firm​