Power hour : A new tax-free year 

  • Another tax year is drawing to a close in February 2020 which means a new tax year commences in March, giving you the opportunity to add to your tax-free savings account.

  • Join us for this Power Hour as our host, Simon Brown (Founder of Just One Lap) sheds more light on:

   • What is tax-free investing 
   • The best type of accounts 
   • Cash or Exchange Traded Funds 
   • Lump sum or monthly contributions 
   • Tax-free accounts for children 
   • Tax-free accounts for retirees 
   • Trading within a tax-free account

Tax-free investing is the greatest innovation we’ve seen for investors in a long time and we should take advantage of the benefits regardless of our existing investment portfolios. Tax-free brokers and ETF issuers will be at the event and on hand to answer your questions and showcase their offerings. 
Date:                             Thursday, 20 February 2020
Time:                            17h30 - 18h30
Venue:                          The JSE, 1 Exchange Square, 2 Gwen Lane, Sandton
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