​​Power Hour - When to sell long-term investments

Long-term investing revolves mostly around finding a great company to invest in and buying it at a great price. But there is an important factor that is seldom considered; when do we sell? Ideally never because true long-term is forever, but is anything really forever?

Join us at this JSE Power Hour session as Simon Brown, Just One Lap founder, covers the selection process, focusing on the selling part of long-term investing.

In his usual investing style, Simon keeps it simple. He will help you understand how price matters when buying. He will explain how his selection criteria informs his exit decisions and how he really does hope to hold quality stocks for the long-haul.

Date:                        Thursday 21 June 2018
Time:                        17h30 - 18h30
Venue:                     aha Riverside Hotel & Spa , Kennith Kaunda Road, Northway, Durban
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