​The investment duo of Mark and Michele bravely tackle the popular Investment Myths head on.

Need to know if a trading myth is true or false? Call the Investment Mythbusters! Inspired by the popular TV series with a surprisingly similar name, Vunani Private Clients' Investment Managers Mark Weetman and Michele Santangelo have devoted themselves to combining elements of science, statistics, investment theory and some good old-fashioned luck to determine if popular investment beliefs are true or false.

Join the Vunani Private Clients' team on the 23rd July 2014 when they expose financial myths to their intensive analysis. No financial scuttle bug is safe when these professionals are around. Any bar room stock tips, trading strategy or Investment advice that you need testing, give these guys a call – or at least drop an email!

So join our trading team, who will be either busting or confirming some popular investment myths, including:

  • Sell in May - like the soothsayer famously warned Julius Caesar, you need to "beware the Ides of March", sorry that should have been the Ides of "May" with the sell in May myth.
  • As Goes January, So Goes The Year!
  • What has happened to Doctor Copper?
  • Whether the Santa Clause rally will bring you the financial present you want, or will the Grinch will once again steal Xmas

And then they will show you how to trade them!

So who are these intrepid myth busters?

Let's start with the older, and possibly the more handsome of the duo. Mark Weetman has aspired to the opulence lifestyle that stock-broking supposedly brings since overnighting with a successful, London based commodity trader in the late 80's. When not busting myths, Mark heads one of South Africa's largest retail derivatives brokers and relaxes by running a hedge fund. With over 20 years trading experience, much of it in the derivatives trenches, Mark rates himself as a self-made trader – self-image has obviously never been a problem in Mark's life.

The other member of the duo is Michele Santangelo, market enthusiast, portfolio manager and investment questioner, who like Mark has been attracted to the lavish high risk reward world of trading and stock broking. It is after experiencing and in some cases suffering at the hands of numerous contentious myths tossed around the market place and the media that Michele has decided to clear things up, Mythbuster style.

Oh, and don't forget Mark and Michele are open to your ideas. To suggest an Investment myth for our intrepid mythbusters to explore just email mythbusters@Vunaniprivateclients.co.za. We'll be checking them out.

Date: 23 July 2014

Time: 18h00 pm

Venue: Marubeni 3

RSVP: edu@vunaniprivateclients.co.za