​​Power Hour - 08 June 2017

A central part of being a listed company is releasing results twice a year and these results need to comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

However, while the main results will comply with IFRS as required, management starts introducing new terms and concepts to their results.

Join us at this Power Hour session as Keith McLachlan, Small Cap Fund Manager at Alpha Wealth, unpacks how management window-dresses results with normalised numbers, focusing on metrics that look good while hiding metrics that look bad.

Using local examples, Keith will help us cut through the noise of results, getting to the real numbers that matter.

Note: Attendance to this event is based on a first come first served basis

Date:            Thursday 08 June 2017
Time:            17h30 - 18h30
Venue:          JSE, One Exchange Square, Gwen Lane, Sandown
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