​​Power Hour

The JSE invites you to a presentation  with Simon Brown (justonelap) that will look at finding the real winners on the JSE. In this first Power Hour session of 2015, Simon Brown will outline his methodology for finding the next decade's massive winners.

Ten-year returns excluding dividends*; Aspen +1,926%, Capitec 2,734%, PSG +2,021%, NasperN +1,979%, Coronation +2,486%, EOH +2,827%.
*Percentage moves correct at time of writing

The list above is not complete but it is a sample of some of the massive winners over the last decade on the JSE when the Top40 index returned around 290%, a respectable number but far below these few individual stocks.

Overall it is a very small list of shares that offer these sort of returns but these are the stocks you must own in a long-term portfolio, even if only one or two it's a game changer for wealth creation.

This presentation will look at identifying winning stocks that will be the absolute top performers on the market in the years ahead. It will include what metrics to consider, the importance of management and the industry they operate in what to do if they stumble and perhaps equally as important what to stay away from.

So how does one find them and how do you hold on through thick and thin to achieve these returns?

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