​Using the Power of Social Media for Investing and Trading - 13 August 2014 - Cape Town

Gerhard Lampen, Head of Sanlam Online Trading will be presenting on how Social Media analysis can be a very useful tool for trading and investing. Financial markets aren't rational, emotions influence asset pricing. There's enough social media chatter discussing investment that can influence stock behaviour including price and potential profit. In his presentation, Gerhard will touch on the following:  
Twitter spreads news quicker than Internet.
Using social media to predict stockmarket trends.
Social media sentiment as a stock sentiment guide.
Using social media for predictive alerts for stock direction.
Can Facebook Fans with little experience outperform the JSE - a real-life example.
“The most important, high-level discussion about economics, earnings, investing and trading is taking place between the smartest people on Twitter and StockTwits.” Josh Brown - Reformed Broker.

Even used by investment professionals: Some 70% of nearly 500 institutional investors and sell-side analysts surveyed around the globe said digital media will have a greater impact in future investment recommendations and decisions and 29% of these investors say they are following up on ideas initially identified on social-media platforms, such as Twitter, to make those decisions, Brunswick data show.

Date: Wednesday, 13 August 2014  
Time: 17h30  
Venue: Commodore & Portswood Hotel. Portswood Road. V & A Waterfront. Cape Town.  
RSVP: First come first served basis. The venue can only carry 150 at a maximum.

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