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Misspelled Word Nampo Harvest Day

Join us at the Nampo Harvest Day from the 16th – 19th of May 2017. The trade show showcases the latest technology and products to producers and role players in the agricultural industry.

Come see the JSE stand (Nampo Hall, stand 102) where we will discuss our latest innovations such as our Livestock ​and Wool Futures Contracts and provide more information about how to minimise your price risks in our current volatile economy.

The JSE is driven to provide efficient price risk management tools for the agricultural, energy, and metal sectors in Africa. Our products enable role players in these industries to lock in a price on their stock upfront for the period of their futures and options contracts on the JSE. These trades are executed via certified JSE brokers who provide access to a secure, affordable, transparent and flexible platform in which settlement is guaranteed.

For further information about our products and how to start trading, please​ contact Alternatively, please contact 011 520​​​​​ 7039​​.​​

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For further information about our products and how to start trading, please​ contact:

Alternatively, please contact +27 11 520​​​​​ 7039