JSE Media Alert

October 17, 2012


In response to recent media reports that there are companies selling stock monitoring or share-trading software to the public and the marketing methods and claims made relating to such products, the JSE would like to remind the public that:

  •   - To trade directly on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, you have to open an account with an authorised Member of the JSE. A JSE Member is one who has been authorised by the JSE to trade in one of the JSE markets and has been admitted as a Member after having fulfilled stringent requirements. A list of JSE Members may be found at the JSE website www.jse.co.za under “Locate a Member”. 
  •   - The JSE also includes a list of companies reflected as Data Distributors on its website, which means that the market data that a Data Distributor makes available (through its own software or other means) is sourced from the JSE. A Data Distributor is not necessarily an authorised Member of the JSE. 
  •   - The JSE does not endorse the sale of any software product in relation to stock monitoring or share trading software. Any statements which indicate that stock monitoring software is required to trade on the JSE are incorrect. Any software providing access to trade the JSE markets can only be provided by an authorised Member of the JSE.
  •   - In terms of the Securities Services Act it is an offence for anyone who is not licensed as an exchange to claim that they are an exchange or behave in a manner or use a name or description which suggests, signifies or implies that there is some connection between that person and a licensed exchange, where none exists. Companies selling stock monitoring or share-trading software may not suggest or imply a connection to the JSE where none exists.
  •   - We advise the public to report any such activities to the Registrar of Securities Services, the supervisory authority established in terms of the Securities Services Act via the Financial Services Board (FSB) call centre on 0800 20 20 87 or via the FSB website at www.fsb.co.za