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ITaC End-To-End (ETE) Testing Status

18 March 2019 16:00 - Kindly note that the following daily schedule will apply to the ETE Staging environment unless otherwise notified:

EDM and FXM Trading Period Schedule
07h00 - 14h30 – EDM Off Book Trade Reporting period
07h00 - 14h30 – FXM Off Book Trade Reporting period
Clients can commence Off Book Trade reporting (negotiated trade reporting) from this time.
07h00 - Start of Trading
07h20 - EDM Opening Auction
07h30 - EDM Continuous Trading start (start of on screen trading)
07h30 - FXM Continuous Trading start (start of on screen trading)
13h30 - FXM Start of Post Close
13h30 - EDM Start of Post Close

Real Time Clearing schedule
07h30 - Real-Time Clearing system available for deal management activities to commence
14h30 - EDM & FXM Deal management period end
14h45 - EOD Commences
14h50 - Start of CM Balancing 1
15h20 - Start of CM Balancing 2
16h30 - Post EOD

18 March 2019 2019 7:00 -
Kindly note that the new ETE Staging environment comes online today and is available for testing.  The standard schedule for the day will be published shortly.  Kindly refer to Service Hotline 55/2019

Please contact CSC should you wish to access the new ETE Staging environment. 
 JSE Enablement Request Form ITaC

  1. Please contact the JSE Client Service Centre (CSC) via or +27 11 520 7777 for all functional or technical support