Post Trade Overview​

Post-Trade Services Division is headed up by Dr Alicia Greenwood – Director and encompasses Clearing & Settlement, Information Services, Risk Management, Quantitative Analytics and Change Delivery.

Post-Trade Services Division has identified a number of major new initiatives as part of their strategy. These include the provision of an Integrated Clearing solution, reviewing the Risk Model, addressing regulatory requirements in terms of CPSS-IOSCO principles and providing a solution for OTC Derivatives Clearing.

The responsibilities of Post-Trade Services Division include the following:

Clearing & Settlement Operations – Ashraf Stemmet

Risk Management - Terence Saayman

  • Risk management
  • Exposure Monitoring
  • Margin calculations
  • Default fund calculations
  • Stress Testing
  • Liquidity estimation
  • Governance

Change Delivery - Tyrone Arendse

  • Post-Trade Regulatory Compliance
  • Post-Trade Change Initiatives - Oversight and Implementation




JSE Clear (Pty) Limited 2016JSE Clear (Pty) Limited 2016 Clear (Pty) Limited 2016.pdfpdf
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Overview of the JSE’s T+3 InitiativeOverview of the JSE’s T+3 Initiative Mailer Print.pdfpdf
JSE Initial Margins for Interest Rate DerivativesJSE Initial Margins for Interest Rate Derivatives Initial Margins for Interest Rate Derivatives.docxdocx
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