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No Open Orders on EQM instruments - 2018/06/18

​12:04 - Further to our communication of earlier today, the cause of the incident that delayed the opening of the equity market has been determined. The issue was as a result of an incorrect fail back process following  an internal JSE disaster recovery test executed on Saturday 16 June 2018.

The JSE will be reviewing its processes and implementing additional preventative measures.

We apologise to clients for the inconvenience caused.

10:18 -Clients are advised that the equity market will move into an opening auction at 10:40. Continuous trading will commence at 11:00 and Off-Book trade reporting will be available from 10:40. The remaining trading sessions will follow according to the standard schedule for the day.​

09:45-Even though the equity market trading ​system is still starting up, client connectivity can be established. We will communicate in due course regarding revised trading session times including a shortened opening auction of 20 minutes.Next update at 10:15. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.​

09:15 - Clients are advised that the we are still busy re-starting the EQM services. Next update at 09:45. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

08:50 - Clients are advised that we will be re-starting the equity market. We will advise once you can re-connect. Revised trading session times will be published. We apologise for the inconvenienc​e caused.

08:25 - Clients ar​e advised to not book any ​reported trades on the equity market until further notice

08:06 -  Clients are advised that the start of the equity market will be delayed. We will provide a further update at 08:30.

07:40 - Please be advised that there are currently no open orders showing on all EQM instruments. We are busy investigating the cause. Further feedback to follow.


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