Market Abuse, including Insider Trading

Course outline:

  • This course is a user-friendly course aimed at any person who trades in listed securities (equities, debt or other) and is designed to give the participant a general understanding of the following as well as the potential civil and criminal consequences thereof:

      • 1. Insider trading:
      • 2. Prohibited trading practices – understanding the various types of prohibited trading practices?
        • a. What is insider trading?
        • b. The various offences and defences
      • 3. The making of false statements and forecasts.

Who Should Attend

    • ·    Directors
    • ·    Executives
    • ·    Investor Relations Personnel
    • ·    Company secretaries
    • ·    Sponsors
    • ·    Legal advisors
    • ·    Members

       Date:     TBA
  •    Time:     10:00am - 12:00am
  •    Cost:     R 3, 600 per delegate ex VAT

  • CPD certificates will be issued for the attendance at the event.

  • All sessions will be held at the JSE. Refreshments will be supplied.

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