Customised Beneficiary Training

The success of an Employee Share Scheme lies in how well employees understand the benefits of their investment. Corporations and shareholders invest huge amounts of money on staff who are the engine and backbone of companies, both listed and unlisted. It is hence paramount that the objectives of share scheme are well understood for companies to realise their intended outcomes.

We draw on specialist in-house resources to develop investor education programmes that cater to the needs of diverse audiences. We will simplify the contents of the Trust deed and present the information in a manner that everyone can understand. Our programmes are designed to ensure effective communication and are offered in a number of official languages to accommodate participants.

There are two options for educating employees. We can train those of your staff you have designated as trainers, or we can provide training directly to employees. In both instances, we will provide visual and printed training material tailored to your company’s specific needs.

What we will cover:

  • Structure of the share scheme
  • Rules of the scheme
  • Qualifying criteria – Awards, allocations etc
  • Overview of the Trust management if applicable
  • Overview of the roles and duties of trustees if applicable
  • Beneficiary leaver reasons and treatment
  • Dividends
  • Vesting Process
  • Broker accounts
  • FICA

The course fee includes analysis of the Trust Deed with the aim of simplifying for the benefit of the participants, development of course material and presentation. The presentation will provide a question-and-answer session and supporting print material. Various official languages are supported.

Customised Beneficiary/ Employee Trustee Training

Many of the Employee Share scheme trusts especially the BBBEE share schemes stipulate that the board of trustees must constitute of a certain number of beneficiary trustees who are either employees in the case of an employee scheme or members of the community for Community share schemes.

In many instances these beneficiary trustees do not have any trusteeship experience. We are able to train the beneficiary trustees, unpacking an often-difficult legal trust deed, ensuring that the trustees understand the scheme well and most important their fiduciary duties, roles and responsibilities. The training is specific to the share scheme they manage.

Apart from the above, the training topics will include, but not limited to the below as it will differ from trust deed to trust deed:

  • Powers of Trustees, privileges, and liability
  • The roles of trustees
  • Financial obligations
  • Legal obligations
  • Understanding the rules of the Trust deed
  • Responsibilities of the trust administrator etc

Training Venue: Online

Target Client/audience: Trustees and Trust Administrators

Training Duration: 2 hours

Training Date: As per the client's request

CPD Certificate: No

Training Price: R5,000 per session excl VAT



By using a service provider to offer the courses, the JSE does not directly or indirectly endorse any product or service provided, or to be provided by the service provider.