SAVI squared products are derivatives that offer investors exposure to market volatility through daily realised future variance. Although they are also known as variance futures, SAVI squared contracts are not really futures. They are a forward contract on realised annualised variance. The holder agrees to buy or sell variance at a pre-determined strike price at a specified future time. On expiry, the holder receives the difference for every point that the share’s realised variance has exceeded the variance strike price.

Who should use this?

SAVI squared contracts are used by various market players, including investors taking a direct view on volatility, companies who want to hedge against volatility options, traders seeking to lower volatility risk and traders hedging against decreased liquidity, which is often accompanied by increased volatility.


  • Gives investors direct exposure to volatility as opposed to indirect exposure through delta hedging options.
  • Trading variance is efficient because it eliminates the need to constantly re-hedge as the market moves.
  • Futures can involve high risk. You can lessen the risk by ensuring that you have a high degree of product knowledge. You should also always invest within your means and deal with experienced brokers.

How to get it

Register as a client with an authorised JSE Equity Derivatives member.