The JSE Index Options Market-Making scheme aims to enhance transparency and drive liquidity with real-time on-screen quotes, enabling you to trade Index Option contracts and providing you with the ability to accurately hedge your exposure.


We are excited to introduce the JSE Index Options Market-Making scheme in the Equity Derivatives Market. Phase 1 trial of the scheme will provide access to real-time on-screen pricing for the ALSI Top 40 Index Options contract. This will enable better pricing and improvement in spreads as well as depth of the order book which should lead to consistent valuation of trading books.


  1. Visible Index Option prices on-screen
  2. Tighter Bid/Offer spreads
  3. Enhanced liquidity


How does it work?

The first six months of phase 1 of the project rollout will enable you to voluntarily post competitive bids and offers on-screen for various option strikes and expiries, with no obligations imposed on participants.

The JSE has adopted a Maker-Taker fee model which automatically charges a Zero Fee to the liquidity providers’ side of the trade on Index Options.

In phase 2 we will introduce a Market-Making incentive scheme linked to formalised obligations applicable to market-makers, and expand the universe of eligible contracts under the scheme.

  Phase 1: Best Efforts Basis Phase 2: Market Making Scheme
Instrument Scope ALSI Index options ALSI Index options
Participants Open to all market participants Open to designated Market Makers
Minimum Presence No Minimum presence obligations 50% with two-way quotes (excluding auctions)
Minimum Quality 100 Index Contracts 100 Index contracts, Bid and Offer size should be of comparable size
Minimum Spread Competitive bid-offer spreads but this is not a formal requirement 2 Volatility points
Exceptional Market Conditions No quoting obligations/Suspension of performance Monitoring No quoting obligations/Suspension of performance Monitoring
Monitoring and reporting No monitoring process The compliance with the obligations will be continuously monitored by the JSE. The Market Makers will be informed of their monthly compliances with the above requirements

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