JSE rise

Inviting SMEs that require Funding to Participate in Capital Matching

Looking to raise SME funding? Apply Below.

The JSE SME RISE Initiative is focused on supporting SMEs to aid the growth of our economy and have therefore expanded the SME Rise Funding Readiness and Capital Matching initiates to more companies.

The JSE is collaborating with the SEDA, SEFA and Western Cape Government, Department of Economic Development and Tourism to deliver a unique Capital Matching solution for SMEs.

The initiative achieved a 63% success rate in 2023 and we aim to support more companies in 2024.

This initiative has three stages:

  1. Companies participate in the Funding Readiness Programme
    1. The programme has both online pre-recorded and live sessions
    2. There are 9 modules including Funding Landscape, Market Assessment, Legal requirements and more
    3. Sessions are available from June 2024
    4. Tools and templates and guidance notes are provided online
    5. The pitch readiness sessions are conducted directly with each company
    6. Companies are supported to get funding and pitch ready
  2. Capital Matching Event
    1. Companies that are ready to be matched will agree and share company information
    2. Companies that are funding ready are matched with a minimum of 4 ideal funders
    3. Pitch decks are shared with investors
    4. Companies meet directly with funding decision makers
    5. The funders and companies determine who they want to continue the funding journey with

Capital Matching solutions offered by capital providers:

  • Debt solutions
  • Invoice and Purchase Order Financing
  • Equity Solutions: Angel and Venture Capital
  • Enterprise Supply Development (ESD)
  • Grant Funding 

Minimum Requirements for SMEs to apply:

  • History of active operation for over 2 years
  • Clear growth strategy
  • Funding requirements of over R250,000.00

Applications for 2024 are now open, to apply register on the form below:

Revenue generated in 2021
Revenue generated in 2022
Revenue generated in 2023
Funding Requirements (amount)