Stock exchanges must meet clients’ demand for faster execution speeds to remain competitive. Colocation offers clients several advantages, including improved trading speeds and market data updates, which allow for enhanced response times to market movements, the deployment of new trading strategies and reduced bandwidth costs.

The JSE’s Colocation facility provides the lowest-latency connection to JSE markets, allowing clients to host their trading infrastructure in the same vicinity as the JSE’s market infrastructure. This enables low-latency trading strategies through high-speed trading and market data access.

The Colocation facility is a data centre housed at the JSE where clients lease a rack for their server and other computing hardware in a secure environment next to the JSE’s trading engine. The facility provides the structure, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security, while clients provide servers and storage within the facility.

The centre alleviates the administrative burden of managing an on-site data centre while allowing clients full access to their server in the data centre.


Colo 2.0

Reduce time to market... Connect to power and begin

Introducing Colo 2.0, with on-demand compute and analytics capabilities powered by Beeks Group & IPC Systems. JSE is proud to provide clients a world-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution (IaaS) with a fully configured, pre-installed environment.


  • Multi-tenant solution that reduces:
    • Time to market
    • Total Cost of Ownership (CTO)
  • Offers PTP time stamping
  • Improved flexibility and scalability
  • Built-in analytics server (optional)
  • Single point of contact for support and invoicing
  • Removes complexity in support, billing and hardware refresh costs

On-demand Cloud compute

Clients will gain the ability to access on-demand cloud compute and analytics packaged within Colo 2.0; utilizing the industry-leading private portal to self-manage and configure infrastructure. With this new innovative and flexible Proximity Hosting, clients will gain access to enable them to host Tier-2 and Tier-3 services.

World class Analytics

Feel the benefit of real-time, uncompromised operational oversight and detailed analysis, delivering powerful actionable insights via latency monitoring and trading analytics services.

Click here to access the JSE Colo 2.0 portal