Specialist Securities allow issuers to list investment products on the Main Board. These products include Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Actively Managed ETFs (AMETFs)Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs)Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs), warrants and structured products

More than 800Specialist Securities are listed on the JSE’s Main Board. Product issuers benefit from local and global profiling, access to capital, a broader investor base, a well-regulated market and market makers facilitating liquidity.

Listing a product on the JSE requires the following:

  1. Engagement with the Primary Markets Team.
  2. In certain instances, the submission of a product concept document for in-principle approval by the JSE Issuer Regulation division.
  3. Appointment of a JSE sponsor.
  4. Submission of the required listing documentation to the JSE Issuer Regulation division via the appointed sponsor.
  5. Formal approval from the JSE Issuer Regulation division.
  6. Product awareness is offered through possible listing events and/or media and marketing exposure.

Considering listing a Specialist Securities product?

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