South African Depository Receipts (SADRs) are receipts that represent Shares of a particular company. Issuers (the non-SA company) of SADRs appoint a depository bank that holds the Shares of that company in a trust.

SADRs are handled and traded in the same way as Shares and offer the same economic, corporate, and voting rights as investors would enjoy by holding the company's Shares directly.  

One SADR could represent one company Share, a number of company Shares or even a fraction of a company's Shares. This means that its price may be different to that of the company Share it represents but should still reflect the price.

SADRs also include unsponsored DRs (UDRs).

UDRs offer issuers a simpler and more flexible mechanism to listing foreign entities on the JSE. It may also be more cost effective and efficient. UDR issuers are typically depository banks independent of the underlying foreign company.

Who is this for?

This product is a good option for investors who want to diversify their portfolios globally and gain exposure to foreign Equity Markets via the JSE.

For issuers, depository receipts have become a globally accepted, flexible instrument that enables them to reach investors located outside their home markets while reducing the risk associated with cross-border investments, including foreign legislation, transaction costs and delays, currency fluctuations and complicated settlement transaction processes.


  • Trades and settles in the same manner as any other Share available on the JSE’s Equity Market.
  • Enables comparison with other investments through accessible price information.
  • Foreign investors can trade in South Africa and repatriate their currency or securities abroad.
  • SADRs are traded in South African rand and dividends are paid in ZAR.
  • Eliminates the typical global custodian safekeeping charges for holding foreign securities.
  • Allows you to acquire the underlying shares that the SADR represents.
  • Economic unpredictability and other factors may positively or negatively impact the Share price, so there is some risk.

How to get it?

Open a brokerage account with an authorised JSE Equity member.


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