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Post Trade Overview​

Post-Trade Services Division is headed up by Dr Alicia Greenwood – Director and encompasses Clearing & Settlement, Information Services, Risk Management, Quantitative Analytics and Change Delivery.

Post-Trade Services Division has identified a number of major new initiatives as part of their strategy. These include the provision of an Integrated Clearing solution, reviewing the Risk Model, addressing regulatory requirements in terms of CPSS-IOSCO principles and providing a solution for OTC Derivatives Clearing.

The responsibilities of Post-Trade Services Division include the following:

Clearing & Settlement Operations – Ashraf Stemmet

Risk Management - Terence Saayman

  • Risk management
  • Exposure Monitoring
  • Margin calculations
  • Default fund calculations
  • Stress Testing
  • Liquidity estimation
  • Governance

Change Delivery - Tyrone Arendse

  • Post-Trade Regulatory Compliance
  • Post-Trade Change Initiatives - Oversight and Implementation




JSE Clear (Pty) Limited 2016JSE Clear (Pty) Limited 2016 Clear (Pty) Limited 2016.pdfpdf
T3 Mailer 1 - Project OverviewT3 Mailer 1 - Project Overview Mailer 1.pdfpdf
Equities Settlement Officer Study material June 2018Equities Settlement Officer Study material June 2018 Settlement Officer Study material June 2018.pdfpdf
Bonds and Settlement ExamBonds and Settlement Exam and Settlement Exam.pdfpdf
Overview of the JSE’s T+3 InitiativeOverview of the JSE’s T+3 Initiative Mailer Print.pdfpdf
JSE Initial Margins for Interest Rate DerivativesJSE Initial Margins for Interest Rate Derivatives Initial Margins for Interest Rate Derivatives.docxdocx
JSE Clear Margin MethdologyJSE Clear Margin Methdology Clear Margin Methdology.pdfpdf
Active Inward Listed Securities - EquitiesActive Inward Listed Securities - Equities Inward Listings/Active Inward Listed Securities - Equities.docxdocx

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