Currency Derivatives Market

Founded in 2007, the JSE’s currency derivatives market allows for the on-ex​change trading of currency futures and options, giving market participants an opportunity to hedge against currency risk, diversify internationally as well as take a view on the movement of underlying foreign exchange rates.

The JSE offers a wide range of currency derivatives, tracking the rand exchange rate to the United States Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Botswana Pula, New Zealand Dollar and Canadian Dollar. In recent years, the JSE has brought more innovative products to the market, including (derivatives that track a basket of currencies and) tailored contracts that allow for the selection of a preferred expiry date and bespoke contracts tailored to clients’ needs.


  • Currency derivatives trade on an electronic trading platform that is efficient, automatic and transparent
  • Currency derivatives can be traded by South African and non-resident individuals, as well as South African and non-resident corporate entities. No limits apply
  • Resident financial service providers, collective investment schemes, pension fund organisations and insurers can trade currency derivatives subject to their foreign portfolio allowance

Currency Futures Price

Clearing and settlement

Compliance of the counterparties is guaranteed by JSE Clear (the JSE’s clearing house) for all derivatives contracts. Currency derivatives contracts are cash settled in Rand and there is no physical delivery of the underlying foreign currency.


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Contract specifications

Please refer to our contract specifications for further details regarding our listed instruments.


Contract Specifications

Botswana Pula Contract Specification
444.98 KB
26.11.2020 10:49
Currency Option Contract Specification
451.85 KB
26.11.2020 10:55
Dollar Rand Option Contract Specification
452.64 KB
26.11.2020 10:56
Euro Rand Option Contract Specification
452.58 KB
26.11.2020 10:58
294.89 KB
18.09.2019 16:16
JSE KID - Currency Call Options
438.66 KB
24.10.2019 08:22
JSE KID - Currency Futures
429.51 KB
24.10.2019 08:22
JSE KID - Currency Put Options
419.54 KB
24.10.2019 08:22
JSE KID - Quanto Currency Futures
421.51 KB
24.10.2019 08:22
JSE KID Currency Call Options
409.81 KB
18.09.2019 16:16
JSE KID Currency Futures
406.35 KB
18.09.2019 16:16
JSE KID Currency Put Options
391.16 KB
18.09.2019 16:16
JSE KID Quanto Futures
422.04 KB
18.09.2019 16:16