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ICB Industry

The Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) consists of 4 levels of classification and at the top level there are 10 Industries. The classification of the All Share Index (J203) constituents at Industry level will be used to calculate an index for each of the 10 Industries. The Industry Indices include constituents of the All Share Index (J203) that are classified in the Industry after which the index is named.

Index Details

Index Code Index Name ICB Industry Code
J500 Oil & Gas 0001
J510 Basic Materials 1000
J520 Industrials 2000
J530 Consumer Goods 3000
J540 Health Care 4000
J550 Consumer Services 5000
J560 Telecommunication 6000
J570 Utilities 7000
J580 Financials 8000
J590 Technology 9000







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