​​​​​​Introduc​tion to Bond ETP (Electronic Tradi​ng Platform) programme​​​​

In 2013 National Treasury indicated that they had a requirement to monitor its Primary Dealers' quote obligations in the secondary market. The Electronic Trading Platform (ETP) is an electronic order book that offers public price transparency on selected South African government bonds.

The purpose of the Bond ETP programme is to implement an electronic trading platform where Primary Dealer Quoting Obligations are automated in a central venue and where Transparency in the local debt market can be observed.

 Bond ETP General Documentation



PD Obligations DocumentPD Obligations Document160730https://www.jse.co.za/BondWTPDocs/PD Obligations Document.pdfpdf
PowerPoint PresentationPowerPoint Presentation3060417https://www.jse.co.za/BondWTPDocs/ETP - Settlement Model - FINAL - 15 December 2016_Final.pptxpptx
ETPBond ETP_Roles and Responsibilities_201608023_finalETPBond ETP_Roles and Responsibilities_201608023_final371165https://www.jse.co.za/BondWTPDocs/ETPBond ETP_Roles and Responsibilities_201608023_final.pdfpdf
SDP Errors_11.1SDP Errors_11.1464975https://www.jse.co.za/BondWTPDocs/SDP Errors_11.1.pdfpdf

 Bond ETP Technical Documentation



Technical specification volume 2Technical specification volume 22354166https://www.jse.co.za/BondWTPDocs/CMF Market-Volume 2-ENG.PDFpdf
Technical specification volume 1Technical specification volume 12436313https://www.jse.co.za/BondWTPDocs/CMF Market-Volume 1-ENG.PDFpdf
MTS-Serviceprovider-Volume 2-ENGMTS-Serviceprovider-Volume 2-ENG1916735https://www.jse.co.za/BondWTPDocs/MTS-Serviceprovider-Volume 2-ENG.pdfpdf
MTS-Serviceprovider-Volume 1-ENGMTS-Serviceprovider-Volume 1-ENG2640277https://www.jse.co.za/BondWTPDocs/MTS-Serviceprovider-Volume 1-ENG.pdfpdf
CMF - Conformance Test Guide - Version 3.4 - Vol 2CMF - Conformance Test Guide - Version 3.4 - Vol 22853419https://www.jse.co.za/BondWTPDocs/CMF - Conformance Test Guide - Version 3.4 - Vol 2.pdfpdf
CMF - Conformance Test Guide - Version 3.4 - Vol 1CMF - Conformance Test Guide - Version 3.4 - Vol 13346459https://www.jse.co.za/BondWTPDocs/CMF - Conformance Test Guide - Version 3.4 - Vol 1.pdfpdf