The JSE Limited/Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) is aware of several scams (on Telegram and WhatsApp) posing as authorised JSE investment schemes and/or using the names(s) of JSE Executives (including our CEO, Leila Fourie). In these investment scams, potential investors are urged to deposit money into a bank account and promised quick and guaranteed returns on their investment. These types of groups are not authorised by the JSE and the investment referred ae not authorised or endorsed by the JSE or any members of the JSE Executive. The JSE does not recruit investors in this manner.

The only way to invest on the JSE is via an authorised JSE stockbroker. A list of stockbrokers can be found on and then click on "find a stockbroker" and you will find a list of stockbrokers in your area who will help you to open an account and you can begin your investment journey with the JSE.

Should you suspect a false investment scam group, please report these to the JSE at [email protected]