JSE fixed income index series

The fixed income indices, measure the total return of representative bond portfolios and provide a benchmark for historical performance. The indices also provide a standard against which investment performance in the bond market can be measured and is an independently calculated tool for investment managers operating in the debt security arena. Some of the key uses of the indices series function are:

  • A barometer for daily movements in the bond market
  • A history of market levels and movements for technical analysis of the bond market
  • A benchmark for measuring portfolio performance
  • A means to analyse sub-sectors of the market

Index Information

By clicking on the links below you can get more index information on both the all bond indices, which are vanilla indices that are comprised of “vanilla” bonds from across the full range of maturities in the bond market and the inflation-linked indices which track the general levels of bonds, whose returns are linked to the consumer price index (CPI).

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