​In a world where Environmental, Social and Governance factors play an increasing integral role in investment decision making, we continue to progress our work to promote greater corporate transparency and issuer-investor interaction in the interests of sustainable business and investment practices. 

The impending FSCA directive regarding integrating ESG investments into investment portfolios is due to come into effect soon and our solutions can help you navigate this new ESG terrain.

FTSE/JSE Sustainable Investment Data Platform
This analytic tool will allow you to:

  • Analyse ESG and Green Revenue investment data with investment scoring and screening 
  • Analyse research and portfolio trends and ESG portfolio monitoring 
  • Construct Indices for Best-in-Class; Thematic; ‘Smart Sustainability’, Climate tilts

The tool allows you to filter company details by pillar, theme level and by indicator level. You will also be able to access annual company balance sheets with Green Revenues.