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JSE Venues & Facilities FAQ

Where is the JSE located?


What venues does the JSE offer for hire to host events and functions?


What is the JSE media hub?


Are the venues indoor or outdoor areas?


Are diagrams and pictures or photographs of the various venues available?


What happens in the event of load shedding or a power cut?


Will I be able to set up registration desks?


Does the JSE offer parking for guests attending a function?


What kind of facilities does the JSE offer?


How do I arrange for additional services like broadcast, streaming, conferencing, photography, catering, décor and flowers?


Who are the JSE's preferred suppliers?


What kind of technical equipment does the JSE offer?


What about set-up, dry runs and rehearsals for an event?


Can I put up banners and signage to brand my function?


What does it cost to host a function or event at the JSE?


What is the b​​​​ooking process to hire a venue or facilities at the JSE?


What are the terms and conditions of venue or facility hire at the JSE?


What do I do if I have more questions that I cannot find the answer to?