This course seeks to provide candidates with  a solid grounding in company valuation techniques using the Asset Based approach, Market Based approach and Discounted cashflow techniques. 

  • What is the value of a company?
  • Break Up Value vs Going Concern
  • Asset Based approach
      Net Asset Value (NAV)
      Tangible Net Worth (TNW)
  • Market Based Approach
      P/E, Market Capitalisation
      Comparable Company method
      Comparable Transaction Method
  • Discounted Cash flow (DCF) method
      The DCF Model
      Enterprise Value vs Equity Value
      Concept of Free Cash Flow
      Calculating Free Cash Flow
      Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
      Calculation of WACC
      Increasing the value of a company
      Case study
  • Decision Making in Mergers and Acquisitions
       Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and decision making
  • Introduction to valuing a Bank
      How to value a bank
      Case study

The course is invaluable for Accountants, Finance Managers, Investment Bankers and anyone who has an interest in the subject and who have had no or little exposure to valuation techniques.

Dates: 22 April 2021
Time: 09:00 to 16h00
Cost: R8, 500 ex vat

The course delivery is subject to a minimum attendance. All attendees will receive a course certificate on completion and CPD points.

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