Course Description:

Course is designed to provide Commercial Lawyers, especially those new to commercial/corporate law, with the necessary tools to understand key financial corporate financial concepts which will be valuable in giving context to their legal work.


Overview of Financial Statements

  • The Income Statement
  • The Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Basic Ratio Analysis


Introduction to Company Valuation

  • What is the value of a company?
  • Market Valuation: p/e, market capitalisation, NAV
  • Enterprise Value vs Equity Value
  • Valuation using Discounted Cash flow method
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital


Overview of the Merger & Acquisitions


Types of Mergers

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Conglomerate


 Do most M&A transactions fail to deliver Shareholder Value?

  • Case Studies of failed acquisitions (Daimler/Chrysler, AOL/Time Warner)
  • An examination of critical success factors for acquisitions


​​​​​​​ Over Process: Process for acquiring a listed company

  • The M&A Team
  • Role of Lawyers in an M&A transaction
  • Competition Commission


​​​​​​​ Buy Out (LBO)

  • What is an LBO
  • Typical capital structure of an LBO
  • Debt vs Equity financing
  • Use of IRRs in decision making


​​​​​​​  Private Equity/Hedge Funds

​​​​​​​        alternatives for an M&A/LBO transaction

  • Syndicated Loans
  • Bonds
  • Rights Issues


Initial Public Offering (IPO) Principles


​​​​​​​      Take Overs

  • What is a hostile take-over?
  • What makes a company vulnerable to a hostile take-over?
  • Evolution of hostile take overs from the 80’s to current times
  • Take Over Defences and strategies that can be employed by companies against a hostile take over
  • Shareholder considerations in respect of defence measures to be employed


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