Course outline:

Business across South Africa are concerned about the widespread ethical failures threatening the conditions for success in the country.  Join us for an interactive seminar about ethical corporate leadership, where we introduce cutting-edge thinking in business ethics, behavioral economics and psychology and draw on a wealth of practical examples and applications.  Blending conceptual and experimental learning, we address these concerns with pragmatic, innovative solutions designed to drive corporate sustainability and growth.

Who should attend?

  • Company Secretaries
  • CFO
  • CEO
  • Investor Relations Officers
  • Members of Social & Ethics Board Committees        


Underpinning the workshop are three interrelated themes:                


1.     The corporation is not an amoral entity whose sole purpose is to maximise shareholder wealth within the parameters of the law. Increasingly in  the world and especially in the current South African context, business is
         expected to assume the role of a moral protagonist, an agent with a wider set of responsibilities. Increasingly, corporations are required to demonstrate a commitment to ethical practices, based on values such as
         integrity, responsibility, fairness, respect and care.

2.     Ethical behaviour builds trust, and when there is trust, business and society flourish. Conversely, a lack of trust between business and its various stakeholders is profoundly dangerous.

3.     Ethics should not be seen as abstract, predictable and boring and merely an "add-on" to core commercial activities. Ethics is practical, dynamic and innovative and belongs at the centre of organisational decision


Themes and Objectives:

• How business faces a new set of expectations and challenges, and how leaders can develop

   more innovative approaches to ethics management

 • How to build reputation and trust through ethics

• How to merge social and financial imperatives to achieve superior performance

• How to make ethics an integral part of business models, and how to turn them into a

   source of risk management and competitive differentiation

• What defines and drives our ethical choices, how to build a more "ethically fit" culture in

   organisations and how to effect behavioural change

• How to define and clarify ethical dilemmas, and how to practically resolve or reconcile


• Local and international best practices

• Understanding ethical tools and paradigms



Rabbi Gideon Pogrund conceptualised and founded the Ethics and Governance Think Tank at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), Africa’s leading business school. Working with senior leaders, the Think Tank's purpose is to influence and encourage South African business to follow a more ethical approach and thereby help secure a more successful, sustainable future for the business community and the country. He is the director of the Think Tank and a GIBS faculty member.

In collaboration with Harvard Business School academics, he established the Ethics Barometer for South African business. In 2018 the Think Tank was selected by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, a network of over 800 business schools from across the globe, as one of its Innovations That Inspire.

He has lectured at international business schools such as HEC Paris, Baruch College in New York and Nottingham Business School. He consults to corporations, helping them to improve their ethics management, and his clients include the JSE, Google, Sanlam, Liberty, Discovery and SAICA. He has contributed articles and been interviewed in various media outlets, including Business Day, the Financial Mail, Finweek, Carte Blanche, CNBC Africa and Thomson Reuters.
He is a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge University.


  • Dates:  (Customized training on request)
  • Venue:  JSE, 1 Gwen Lane, Sandton. 

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