This course serves as an introduction to international trade finance. It will look at the different risks which exporters and importers might face such as Commercial, Financial, Performance and Political. The course will also look the various incoterms used in international trade and the different methods and instruments used to conduct international trade such as Open Account, Documentary Collections, Letters of Credit, Guarantees and the pros and cons of each. The course will also look at more specialised and structured instruments such as Back to Back Letters of Credits, Forfaiting, Pre-export Finance and Export Credit Agencies (ECAs). A brief introduction to the foreign exchange market and basic currency hedging techniques such as Forward Contracts and Currency Swaps will also be provide.

  • International Trade
  • Incoterms 
  • Bills of Lading 
  • Risks in international Trade 
      • Financial Risk 
      • Performance Risk 
      • Political Risk 
      • Commercial Risk
  • Trade mechanisms and risk applied to each
      • Open Account Trading
      • Documentary Collections
        • Documents against Acceptance (DA)
        • Documents against Payment (DP)
        • ICC URC 522 
  •  Documentary Letters of Credit
        • Sight and Term Letters of Credit
        • Discounting a Letter of Credit
        • Confirmation of L/Cs/Silent Confirmations
        • Transferable L/Cs
        • Standby L/Cs
        • ICC UCP 600
  •  Bonds and Guarantees
        • Bid Bond/Advanced payment Bond/Performance Bond
        • Bank Aval 
  •  Export Credit Agencies (ECAs)
  •  Structured Trade Finance
        • Back to Back Letters of Credit
        • Pre-export Finance-
        • Forfaiting
  •  Introduction to the Foreign Exchange Market
        • Spot and Forward Contracts
        • Currency Swaps/Options 

Who Should Attend

  • ​​​​CFOs
  • CFD
  • Financial Managers
  • Treasurers who work for companies involved international trade whether exporters or
  • Everyone who have just or about to move into the International Trade Finance
    departments of Banks

Dates: 21 May 2021
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Cost: R8, 500.00 per delegate ex VAT

The course delivery is subject to a minimum attendance. All attendees will receive a course certificate on completion and CPD points     
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