You're Invited: Power Hour - Income as the Outcome of my Investments with Nerina Visser




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Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) expert, Nerina Visser of ETFsa will be presenting at the upcoming JSE Power Hour, with the focus being on ‘generating income from our investments’.

As our needs change while we move through different life stages, this webcast will offer great insights to all viewers, regardless of where you are in your investment journey.

Topics covered will include:-

  • Types of income (interest vs. dividend)
    • Contribution to total return
    • Impact on risk
    • Tax implications
    • Fixed (giving certainty) vs. variable
  • Role of income in accumulation vs. drawdown phase of your investment journey
    • Accumulation
      • Importance of reinvestment
      • Automatic reinvestment (total return ETFs) vs. manual reinvestment – pros and cons
    • Drawdown
      • Sourcing income in (semi-)retirement from multiple sources
      • Importance of having multiple asset pools prior to retirement
      • Tax efficient structuring
      • Comparative risk profiles of different asset pools (highest potential risk / seeking high capital growth should be in annuities and lowest risk should be in discretionary)





Thursday, 18 August 2022



17:30 - 18:30


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