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Q: What is the project scope and how does it impact me?
A: The project is intended to implement a new solution that will be applicable to and benefit market data clients. The new solution will involve a customer portal to be used by JSE market data clients as well as an admin portal to be used by the market data team. The two portals that make up the solution are branded as JSE Market Data Connect.

Q: What is JSE Market Data Connect?
A: JSE Market Data Connect portal is an internet accessible cloud-based portal that allows our market data clients to engage with the JSE market data team on data product subscriptions, licensing and reporting in an easier and more self-service manner. It is hosted by DataBP, an industry leading provider of market data administration solutions and customised to meet the need of the JSE and its clients. 

Q: When will the portal be available?
A: Phase 1 is planned to go live on Monday 29 March 2021 and will only be applicable and benefit clients that submit reporting to the JSE. The portal and the functionality that facilitates your reporting will be made available on phase 1 go-live. 

The go-live of Phase 2, which will be applicable to and benefit all clients, has not yet be determined. We will keep you updated in this regard as and when it makes sense. 

Customer Portal

Q: How will the portal help me?
A: The portal, which will be easily accessible and available 24/7 365, will assist and allow you to subscribe/unsubscribe to market data products in a more self-service manner. You will be able to submit your request and track the progress via the portal as well as have access to a range of useful client specific information. Licensing the access and use of market data by means of signing or updating a data agreement is easier and faster, extending to digitally signing the agreement. Clients that are obliged to report numbers are able to do so via this portal rather than via a separate system. 

Q: How do I get access to the portal? 
A:  The portal will only be made available initially as part of phase 1 to clients, and their designated reporters, that are obliged to report usage to the JSE. The access will be extended to all clients during phase 2.

Q: How can I get familiar with the portal?
A:  A demonstration version “sandbox “has been established for the convenience of all clients and their designated reporting contacts. The sandbox will allow you to explore; test and practice your reporting in a safe ‘production like’ environment. The sandbox will be extended later with phase 2 functionality.

Contact the JSE via your market data account manager or send an email to [email protected] who will arrange for access to the demo/sandbox version. 

Q: Can we have more than one login per entity? 
A: Recognising that clients will want multiple users for continuity and capacity management, the solution does cater for multiple users that can be assigned different roles that will have different usage rights. 

Q: Will I be able to know who our JSE Market Data Account Manager is?
A: The portal will prominently display your market data Account Manager, who will still provide a complementary personalised service. 

Q: Will my current and historical information and details be available in the portal? 
A: All your current client profile and product subscription details as well as current and historical client reporting information will be migrated to and be available in the portal.  

Q: Will I be able to see the Market Data Price List?  
A: You will have access to the full list of available JSE Market Data products; licences and fees and you will also be able to see which of these your company is licensed/subscribed to. 

Q: Will the portal publish upcoming changes/notifications?
A: JSE market notices and hotlines will not be available/published via this portal, so the current process where they are published by email and then made available on the JSE website will continue. There is no intention to address this requirement in the immediate future but the viability will be reviewed as and when we decide on future enhancements.    

Q: Are we still required to do contract signing?
A: The introduction of the portal does not do away with your obligation to be appropriately licensed for accessing/using JSE data by means of one or more data agreements. The portal does make the subscription and licensing process much easier.

Q: Will I be able to update my data agreement/s and add/remove products?
A: The portal will allow you to initiate a request to subscribe or unsubscribe to a product/licence and track the progress through various workflow/process steps. The process could entail a change to one or more of your data agreements which will automatically be triggered and managed by the workflow underpinning these processes. 

Q: Will I still need to contact my Account Manager for removing of products and agreement updates?
A: You will not need to contact your Account Manager to remove a product or to do an agreement update as these actions can be initiated by you from the portal. You can let your Account Manager know about your intention but they will also be notified when the process is initiated via the portal.   


Q: How will reporting by data file change - especially TCB?
A: We will ensure that all data files currently provided by approved clients, TCB or other formats, are correctly processed via the new solution. Location based data that certain clients are already including in their usage reports will be processed. 

Reporting clients that are not yet including End User/consumer locations will be given a reasonable amount of time to include this information in their reporting. This requirement will only be applicable once the JSE formally notifies you in this regard. 

Q: Will the portal show past reports of all historic years for reporting purposes? 
A: The portal will show you all your historical usage reporting from xxx up to the last reported month’s usage.

Q: Once the portal closes on 15th and I need to make adjustments for a reason, will I be able to report previous month’s changes in the new month or will I be required to email changes to the MDSupport team?
A: The only way to make adjustments after the usage reporting window has closed is to contact us via an email to [email protected] or via your Account Manager, for them to confirm and make the necessary adjustments on your behalf.

Q: Is location reporting mandatory or optional? 
A: End User/consumer location reporting is optional for now and we will notify you formally, giving you adequate time to cater for the requirement, before we make it mandatory. End User/consumer location details already being provided by some clients will be processed by the solution.