The third level of the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) is Sectors.  The classification of the All Share Index (J203) at Sector level will be used to calculate the Sector Indices.  The Sector Indices include constituents of the All Share Index (J203) that are classified in the Sector after which the index is named.

Index Code Index Name ICB Sector Code
JS1011 Software and Computer Services 101010
JS1012 Technology Hardware and Equipment 101020
JS1511 Telecommunications Equipment 151010
JS1512 Telecommunications Service Providers 151020
JS2011 Health Care Providers 201010
JS2012 Medical Equipment and Services 201020
JS2013 Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology 201030
JS3011 Banks 301010
JS3021 Finance and Credit Services 302010
JS3022 Investment Banking and Brokerage Services 302020
JS3023 Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts 302030
JS3024  Closed End Investments 302040
JS3031 Life Insurance 303010
JS3032 Non-life Insurance 303020
JS3511 Real Estate Investment and Services 351010
JS3512 Real Estate Investment Trusts 351020
JS4011 Automobiles and Parts 401010
JS4021 Consumer Services 402010
JS4022 Household Goods and Home Construction 402020
JS4023 Leisure Goods 402030
JS4024 Personal Goods 402040
JS4031 Media 403010
JS4041 Retailers 404010
JS4051 Travel and Leisure 405010
JS4511 Beverages 451010
JS4512 Food Producers 451020
JS4513 Tobacco 451030
JS4521 Personal Care, Drug and Grocery Stores 452010
JS5011 Construction and Materials 501010
JS5021 Aerospace and Defense 502010
JS5022 Electronic and Electrical Equipment 502020
JS5023 General Industrials 502030
JS5024 Industrial Engineering 502040
JS5025 Industrial Support Services 502050
JS5026 Industrial Transportation 502060
JS5511 Industrial Materials 551010
JS5512 Industrial Metals and Mining 551020
JS5513 Precious Metals and Mining 551030
JS5521 Chemicals 552010
JS6011 Oil, Gas and Coal 601010
JS6012 Alternative Energy 601020
JS6511 Electricity 651010
JS6512 Gas, Water and Multi-utilities 651020
JS6513 Waste and Disposal Services 651030