Corporate Actions Schedule

Download the latest corporate actions schedule (login required)

Download the latest Namibian corporate actions schedule (login required)

The definitive corporate a​ctions schedule

Simple, adaptable, concise, current

This notice serves to inform all users of the JSE corporate actions data that the JSE has launched the definitive corporate actions document.

The numerous sources of corporate action data from within the JSE have now been consolidated into a single, integrated, concise document capable of meeting everyone's needs:

The corporate actions schedule

This schedule replaces the already discontinued FM3 and FM6 documents, as well as the current JSE gazette.

A partial STP (straight through processing) capability has been designed into an Excel database, providing a compatible, flexible format, which allows users to download the schedule into their own database where they can customise it to suit their own requirements.

The corporate action schedule will be available to subscribers at any time of the day or night via the JSE website. The document will be updated twice a day, at 11h00 and 16h00 . Subscribers can access the information whenever they wish and will not have to deal with cluttered mailboxes.

The old system required manual data capture of the same data into all the different reports. Reducing the number of manual processes obviously reduces the risk of error associated with manual processes.

Internal JSE processes are better synchronised, as all departments are now using the same source of reference data.

There is more consistency among subscribers, as they too are using the same reference data for corporate actions.

There is an annual subscription fee, which is increased annually, at market related prices. (Charged pro-rata for mid-year subscriptions.​)