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​​​Clearing and Settlement Operations

World Fe​derations of Exchange - IOMA: WFE's Clearing & Derivatives Conference. 

Director of Post-Trade Services, Alicia Greenwood, and other stock exchanges speak on the resilience of Central Counterparty Clearing House (CCPs), how they manage risk across different regions, and their link back to real economy issues.       

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JSECLEAR_DataFile_16_2_2017Q3JSECLEAR_DataFile_16_2_2017Q3129 10:00:00 PMcsv
JSECLEAR_DataFile_16_3_2017Q3JSECLEAR_DataFile_16_3_2017Q3415 10:00:00 PMcsv
JSECLEAR_DataFile_17_3_2017Q3JSECLEAR_DataFile_17_3_2017Q3207 10:00:00 PMcsv
JSECLEAR_DataFile_18_2_2017Q3JSECLEAR_DataFile_18_2_2017Q3348 10:00:00 PMcsv
JSECLEAR_DataFile_20a_2017Q3JSECLEAR_DataFile_20a_2017Q3282 10:00:00 PMcsv







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