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Zambian Grain Contracts

The JSE, in conjunction with the cooperation of ZAMCE Limited (Zambian Commodities Exchange) is proud to bring the Zambian Grain Futures Contract with a vision of changing the price risk management landscape of the Zambian community. The contracts listed include white maize, soya and wheat which enable farmers and millers with the opportunity to better manage the price risk surrounding these commodities through the use of futures and option contracts. It is traded and settled in US dollars with the possibility to go to physical delivery where grain of the required quality and quantity will be made available via approved warehouse operators licensed under the Zambian Agricultural Credits Act, 2010. The JSE trades a standardised 10 ton futures contract with Lusaka as the reference point for the contract. ​​​​​​​

Who is​ this for?​

This product is often used farmers and millers with an interest in protecting themselves against adverse price movements in the underlying physical or spot market. In addition to these two key groups of participants, co-operatives, traders and financial institutions rely on the contracts to either extend fixed prices to their clients or to finance physical grain on warehouse receipts. An opportunity also exists for Zambian traders to partner with JSE approved members to be able to extend their booking services as JSE approved dealers.​​​​​


  • Secure, affordable and flexible
  • Derivatives contracts enable institutions to fund producers who hedge their price risk. In so doing, sustainable production is encourages
  • Provides a platform for price discovery and efficient price risk management
  • Transparency as trade takes place on an electronic platform
  • All transactions are guaranteed through the derivatives clearing structure.
  • Procurement of physical products are guaranteed by approved storage operators and payment is received within one business day of delivery​​​​​​​

​How to get it?​

To access the products, register as a client with an authorised JSE C​​om​modit​y Derivatives Trading Member​​​


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