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The JSE has been connecting buyers and sellers of South Africa equities for more than 120 years and also offers you exposure to the broader African continent.

The JSE’s Equity Market is highly liquid and highly regulated.

You can invest in companies listed on:

The JSE’s Main Board

The JSE’s AltX

Companies list on these boards to raise capital. When you invest in equities, you are, in effect, buying part of a listed company.

These are some of the products that enable you to invest in equities

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Preference Shares

Share Instalments

Ordinary Shares

B-Ordinary Shares

N-Ordinary Shares

Who should use these?

Anyone who would like to invest in a listed company can do so by buying equities. Equities are regarded as one of the pillars of a well diversified investment portfolio.

How to get Equities

Contact a JSE Equities member.







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