All Share (J203)

The All Share Index represents 99% of the full market cap value of all eligible securities listed on the Main Board of the JSE.

Characteristic                                      Description

Name                                                   All Share

Index Code                                          J203

Alpha Code                                          ALSH

Index Category                                    Headline

Universe                                                 Ordinary shares listed on the JSE Main Board

Fixed No. of Companies                      No

Liquidity Screening                             Yes

Free Float Screening                             Minimum of 5%. IFL’s with a free float of 5% or less will be eligible if net market cap is greater than 1% of Mid Cap on cut date. IFL constituents with a free float of 5% or less that are existing constituents will be deleted if their net market cap falls below 0.5% of the Mid Cap

Additional requirements:                    Instruments will be eligible provided the net market cap is 0.5% or greater than the net market capitalisation of the Small Cap on review cut date and it qualifies in all other respects. Current constituent will be deleted from the index should the net market cap fall to 0.2% or below relative to the Small Cap net market capitalisation on review cut date

Secondary lines must pass the free float, liquidity and size hurdles in their own right

Ineligible securities:                              Pyramid Status, SPAC Status, ICB code 8990, convertible preference shares and loan stocks are excluded until converted., Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and funds whose prices are a direct derivation of underlying holdings (e.g. Unit Trusts, Mutual Funds)

Weighting Methodology                      Free Float Market Cap Weighted

Ranking Methodology                         Ranked by gross market cap

Capping Methodology                        N/A

Index Review                                        Semi-annually in March and September

Buffer                                                     Auto Addition: 98.5%; Auto Deletion: 99.5%

Dissemination                                      60 seconds

Live Date                                              2002/06/24