Learning to invest

Headline: Common Investment Mistakes

Link: http://money101.co.za/common-investment-mistakes/

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The investment universe can be quite daunting to the average person. However, that should not faze you because investing can be easy. Don't fall into the trap of committing these common investment mistakes.

#1 Investing in a Savings Account

Many people put every extra cent they have into a savings account without considering investing a fixed amount every month. Warren Buffet has famously said that, "You should ensure you save before you spend and not spend before you save." Commit to an investment plan and expose yourself to investments that can have inflation beating returns so that you get real growth, unlike what you can get from a savings account.

#2 No Exposure to a Single Asset Class

The investment world is made up essentially of four asset classes ? Equities( Shares), Property, Bonds (buy corporate or government debt and earn interest) and Cash. A mistake committed by many is not exposing themselves to all the asset classes. In the current turbulent financial economies of the world, this is a mistake that can be very costly. Ensure you are diversified fully and have exposure to all these asset classes both locally and abroad.?

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