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Headline: Investing for an early retirement

Link: http://www.fin24.com/Money/Money-Clinic/Retirement/Investing-for-an-early-retirement-20140102

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A Fin24 user who was recently retrenched and placed on early retirement needs help with his investment choices. He writes:

My retirement fund capital has been invested in a living annuity, from which I receive an annuity on a 6% draw which covers all of my expenses and leaves me with about R2 000 free cash per month. 

I have an emergency fund and no long- or short-term debt. 

My wife works full-time and earns a good enough salary to cover all of her expenses and the grocery budget, as well as some savings. I will be 51 this month.

I have about R200 000 in a savings account which I would like to invest for capital growth and, later, if necessary, to supplement my LA income.

However, I have looked at various options and frankly, after having spoken to "experts" in the various investment disciplines mentioned below, I have realised that I need some objective advice. Please assist.?
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