Equity marketHeadline: Top SA trackers double investors money ? and ? more in three to five years: latest statsLink: http://www.biznews.com/top-sa-index-trackers-double-investors-money-three-five-years-latest-stats/ First two paragraphsBy Jackie CameronA tracker unit trust gives a low-cost ETF a run for its money in recent performance tables, writes Biznews.com's Jackie Cameron.Investors in South Africa's top four index trackers are smiling. With returns of between 20% and almost 30% per annum for the past five years, if you had invested in one of these funds you would have easily doubled your money ? and some.Latest monthly performance figures released by etfSA.co.za show that R10 000 invested in January 2009 in the Satrix INDI 25 Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) would have grown to R40 000 by the end of last month.Screen grab