​Learning to invest
Headline: The Stock Market
Link: http://www.financialtrading.com/stock-market-beginners-guide/
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The stock market may seem a mystery to you. All this talk of Bulls and Bears, shorts and longs, not to mention the associated TLAs (three-letter acronyms!) such as IPOs could leave you cold. But that would be a shame, because it’s really not difficult once you understand the basics, and it could play a bigger part in your life.in fact, it’s true to say that if you don’t know about the stock market you are missing out on a lot.
This beginners guide will lead you through the jargon and explain how you can understand if not enjoy what happens on the stock market. By the time you finish, you should understand all the common buzz words and have a good idea how you can use the market to improve your future.


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