This training provides both an introductory and an advanced module to explain the currency (FX) futures and options listed and traded on the JSE, as well as important applications and risk management imperatives of these instruments.

The modules will be delivered to delegates via the JSE’s Training Academy App, Face-to-Face and Virtual.

What you will learn:     

  • Understand the important features of OTC and exchange-traded FX derivatives
  • Evaluate the practical usefulness of exchange rate theories
  • Identify different types of exchange rate regimes and the impact of exchange controls on markets and participants
  • Comprehend the motivations and strategies of FX market participants
  • Price and use FX forwards, swaps and futures
  • Price and use vanilla FX options
  • Understand the role of JSE Clear
  • Calculate JSE margin requirements for FX futures and options
  • Describe the main features and applications of popular exotic FX options
  • Structure and evaluate popular FX option combinations
  • Understand the risk management issues and regulatory imperatives of FX derivatives trading and sales



1. Introductory


  1. Institutional features of FX markets
  2. FX market participants
  3. Theories and practice of exchange rate determination
  4. Pricing OTC FX forwards and swaps
  5. JSE FX futures specifications
  6. Pricing JSE FX futures
  7. JSE Clear
  8. Futures margining procedures and calculations
  9. Option basics
  10. Post-assessment test

2. Advanced


  1. Option theory and pricing models
  2. The ‘Greeks’
  3. Volatility estimation and trading
  4. Specifications of JSE FX options
  5. Margining procedures and calculations
  6. Pricing and using option combinations
  7. Exotic FX options
  8. Post-assessment test


 Dates: 24,25 & 27 May 2022

 Time: 09h00 to 12h00

 Cost: R9,950 ex vat per person (for all 3 days)

 Venue: Virtual/Online

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